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MVF - Visceral Fascial Mobilization

The Visceral Fascial a “ Mobilization is a method of manual therapy founded in 2008 as an evolution of visceral manipulation and as a ‘ partner’ of the cranial sacral therapy, with it blends then indissoluble.

The Mvf aims to deepen the knowledge of the bands of the body on a visceral level; by treating them and mobilizing them this therapy tries to restore  more free movement among them in order to remove restrictions on movement and to provide more resilience to the adherence ,that may occur as a result of trauma, surgical treatments, infections and so on.

This introduction regards the purely physical part of the therapy ,because while we are working we can adjust the touch depending on what the patient’s body requires, so we can restore the connection between the body and the mind ( we can get in touch with other bodies the mental, psychological, emotional or whatever you want to call it and so on…)

The system that makes possible to act in this direction is the fascial system with the support of the vegetative nervous system; the ‘ band’  is a structure with many features and one of these is the ability to memorize various kinds of physical trauma, emotional and any other kind.

Due to the fact of being able  to balance the therapeutic touch we can enter  into a connection with the patient’s body, that goes far beyond the physical factor/element ;  ‘ the connection occurs  on  “a non –conscious” level ‘ and it is just in this space of time that the most striking experiences come out ,sometimes with an unexpected and surprising feedback.

I think to be amazed every day after over 20 years of professional experience is the secret to stay young and healthy: it is  “ my elixir of life “ and it gives me not only the motivation  for my career, but also it makes possible to achieve my goals and to establish the relationships with people.